Ahead of the Harvest: 2020 – 2022

15 September 2020

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Acuris is pleased to present Ahead of the Harvest: 2020 – 2022, published in association with MinterEllison.
Looking towards recovery, Australia’s agribusiness sector offers important opportunities for an economic rebound. Indeed, even the most stable of industries are facing disruption and uncertainty as COVID-19 leaves its mark. Yet the resilience of the agribusiness space – built up over years of uncertainty around seasons and variable climate events – puts it in a strong position to lead Australia’s recovery.
This report explores the current trends and challenges shaping agribusiness in Australia and the opportunities that await potential investors.
Key highlights include:
  • Positive investor intentions: 65% of investors intend to increase their investment in Australian agribusiness assets
  • Medicinal cannabis opportunity: 85% say medicinal cannabis is the top opportunity sector and 72% say Australia has greater medicinal cannabis opportunities than other markets
  • Australia’s advantages: Free trade agreements (72%), good infrastructure (65%) and political and legal stability (63%) are Australia’s top advantages as an investment destination for agribusiness investors
  • Financing and government support: 85% say government policy will be supportive of growth and investment in Australian agribusiness, while another 53% expect financing for agribusiness deals to increase