Taking stock: 2019 Outlook for M&A and IPOs

18 January 2019

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The market is sending mixed signals regarding the appetite for M&A and IPOs as we enter 2019. Volatility has risen sharply in recent months, but last year closed on a high note, with global M&A value reaching the third-highest level on record at US$3.53 trillion. On the IPO front, several of the largest “unicorn” companies—including Uber, Airbnb, and Palantir Technologies—are reportedly gearing up to go public this year. Yet to start the year, the US government shutdown has temporarily frozen the IPO market, putting a damper on the enthusiasm built up in late 2018.

To understand what dealmakers expect from the M&A and IPO markets in the coming year, Mergermarket on behalf of Toppan Merrill spoke with six experts.

Points of discussion include:

• What are the main drivers expected to influence M&A dealmaking in the year ahead?

• After the US IPO market rebounded strongly in 2018 after several years of lower volume, what is the sentiment around public debuts for 2019?

• What are the expectations for access to debt to finance deals in 2019?