InPost actively seeks PUDO operator acquisitions throughout France – CEO

18 February 2021 - 03:48 am UTC

by Boris Maleshkov

InPost [AMS:INPST], a Polish parcel-locker operator, is actively seeking to acquire operators of pick-up and drop-off (PUDO) points across France to accelerate its international growth, founder and CEO Rafal Brzoska told Mergermarket


Takeover targets must be profitable and growing, have more than 5,000 PUDO retail points across France and a sizeable volume of parcels in place, Brzoska said. 


The maximum overall budget allocated for acquisitions is set at EUR 600m, he added.


InPost - which is working with unnamed advisors - has already identified potential takeover targets and plan to start discussions with some of them in the coming weeks, he said. 


Traditional PUDO point operators are on the verge of collapse as the small operators have no capacity to deal with the millions of new parcels every year, Brzoska said, adding that InPost wants to automate the industry using its technology and experience.


An InPost machine can handle 700 parcels a day while a traditional small parcel point can manually handle 20-30 daily, he pointed out. 


Aggressive expansion 


Founded in 1999 in Poland, InPost provides delivery services through a network of more than 12,000 automated parcel machines (APMs), including more than 1,100 in the UK. 


InPost wants to deploy up to 5,000 new machines in Poland and up to 2,000 new machines in the UK during 2021, Brzoska said. 


In the UK, InPost handled 120,000 parcels a week in December 2020 with around 1,000 machines installed.  The acceleration of APM adoption in the UK is going to be massive as at present people have to queue outside post offices due to COVID-19 restrictions, while with InPost there are no queues, no restrictions, and the process is very safe and convenient, he said. 


In Italy, the company has 350 machines and plans to deploy up to 1,000 more by the end of this year.  


In both the UK and Italy, InPost's focus is on the key urban agglomerations, Brzoska noted. Most of the machines in the UK will be deployed around London, Manchester and Birmingham and in Italy, in the five largest cities.   


InPost has chosen four new European growth markets outside Poland - the UK, France, Spain and Italy - and will not venture into further new territories in the near future, he said.


The company strongly believes in lockers, which are its focus, and does not believe in other sophisticated or fancy solutions like drones, he added. 


A door-to-door delivery man can deliver an average of 75 parcels to customers during an eight-hour shift while an InPost driver delivers more than 1,000 parcels during an eight-hour shift, Brzoska said, making InPost 13x more efficient than the traditional door-to-door setting, he said.


InPost listed on the Euronext Amsterdam last month, raising EUR 3.2bn, and has a market capitalisation of EUR 10.1bn.