National Energy Roundtable

19 June 2018 - 09:00 am UTC

The fourth annual National Energy Roundtable, June 19th in Toronto will explore the role of utilities in facilitating innovation and economic growth, and addressing the impacts of climate change with smarter energy systems and the electrification of the economy.
Canada is uniquely positioned to be an energy power. As the country’s energy needs expand, a thoughtful path forward that includes an energy mix that provides grid integrity, affordable electricity, heating and transportation. With carbon regulations rolling out across Canada, the business case for technological innovation and energy management is stronger than ever. Canada’s electricity generation alone, 80% of which is GHG free, requires $350 billion in investment over the next twenty years to replace aging infrastructure and develop the next generation of energy systems. 

Join more than 200 business leaders, policy makers and entrepreneurs who are shaping Canada' energy future at this year's National Energy Roundtable conference and learn about the exciting opportunities as Canada transitions to an innovative, lower carbon economy.