Pacesetters: How Europe’s fastest-growing companies stay ahead of the pack

09 October 2018

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Mergermarket is pleased to present Pacesetters: How Europe’s fastest-growing companies stay ahead of the pack, published in association with Pinsent Masons. The report features an exclusive survey of 400 of Europe’s fastest-growing companies, revealing the three key traits that underpin the success of this diverse range of businesses:

  1. Collaboration brings opportunity: The fast-growing companies surveyed are excited about discovering new sources of opportunity and growth, whether through traditional modes of collaboration such as M&A activity or through increasingly looking at a broader range of options as they seek out access to new skills, tools and technologies. For example, the research suggests 40% of fast-growing companies regard alliances and joint ventures as one of the top three drivers of their growth over the past three years.
  2. Innovation speeds growth: These companies are convinced that innovation holds the key to unlocking new opportunity. For example, 58% of respondents regard technology as a top-three driver of their growth in the years ahead. Not all of these companies are to be found in the technology sector by any means, but all recognise that technology and innovation can be powerful enablers of growth. They are also investing heavily in product and service development, R&D and operational efficiency.
  3. Purpose proves powerful: Europe’s fastest-growing companies have a sense of purpose – they are driven by broader motivations than the desire to add sales or increase profitability simply for their own sake. Whether this is social purpose or a collective spirit within the business, Pinsent Masons’ research reveals that 76% of these companies believe they are 'purpose-led'.