Sell-side success

19 November 2019

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Mergermarket is pleased to present Sell-side success, published in association with Imprima. Over the past 15 to 20 years, virtual data rooms and vendor due diligence have given sellers more control in the M&A process. However, sellers also face a growing number of challenges which might impact their chances of success.

Exploring these challenges, alongside trends in vendor due diligence, Mergermarket on behalf of Imprima spoke with five experts from the fields of investment banking, law, technology and academia.

Points of discussion include:

  • The state of M&A for sellers. To prepare for sale processes as early as possible, sellers are often quick to take advantage of virtual data rooms and vendor due diligence. However, preparing for a sale a year or more before the formal process kicks off can generate other challenges.
  • A look at vendor due diligence. The due diligence process has evolved over the years, and is now increasingly a tool for the sell-side, which is used as part of the normal course of running a business optimally.
  • Future for sellers. There are a range of challenges and changes coming for the sell-side. Longer term, technological changes are likely to alter how sellers and their advisors work. Nearer term, conditions for the sell-side are likely to become less favourable, as M&A value and volume have fallen year on year.