Unicorn Companies: The State of Play in 2019

14 February 2019

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The unicorn ranks have expanded rapidly in recent years, with around 150 companies in the US alone now holding the vaunted status and roughly the same number abroad. This expansion, together with the wave of potential unicorn IPOs, raises the question: Does unicorn status even matter anymore? Meanwhile, the move to go public by a number of these US$1bn+ giants has caused market observers to wonder whether a broader movement toward public exchanges is imminent.

To examine what lies ahead for unicorn companies in the near future, Toppan Merrill commissioned Mergermarket to speak with four experts.

Topics of discussion include:

• With several of the biggest unicorn companies planning IPOs for 2019, will this cause a new wave of large companies to go public?

• Why does a direct listing appeal to some unicorns and will it gain further popularity in the year ahead?

• Which sectors are expected to produce the most new unicorns in the next 12-24 months?